Figure 8 Street Enduro

* V6 and V8 cars only. No trucks or 4 cylinders

* Each car must be registered at pit gate on arrival. After signing in, proceed to designated area. All cars must have large, legible number on both sides and top of car.

* All persons entering pit area must sign required release form.

* Drivers must present some form of identification, preferably drivers license, when picking up the payoff check.

* Intoxicated drivers will not be able to participate. No intoxicated participants (drivers or pit helpers) allowed in pit area - subject to be removed and pit pass forfeited.

* The first car to complete the established number of laps (to be determined the day of the event) will be declared the winner. Officials will determine after a red flag situation if race will resume or be declared a completed event.

* Winning cars will be checked and must report directly to inspection (not their pit area).

* Yellow flag will not be used. In the event of breakdowns or accidents, other cars will avoid those disabled while continuing the event. Red flag will be displayed if the track is blocked or if racing cannot continue for any reason, including safety considerations. ALL CARS MUST STOP IMMEDIATELY WHEN RED FLAG IS DISPLAYED. Failure to do so may result in penalty assessed on scorecard. Race will be restarted with cars in same position as prior to red flag as determined by officials. Any car involved in blockage which is able to continue may do so. No cutting of corners on the track. Judges decision will penalize if violated.

* There will be NO PIT STOPS.

* Cars not passing inspection will not be permitted to compete.

* No obscene or profane writing, painting, etc. on the cars.


1. BEFORE YOU ARRIVE ***YOU MUST HAVE ALL GLASS REMOVED!!! ABSOLUTELY NO GLASS REMOVAL WILL BE ALLOWED ON THE PREMISES! Glass removal includes all windows, tail lights, side marker lights, etc. Rolling down windows is not permitted. All chrome molding strips, rubber molding, fiberglass around the grill, outside door handles, aluminum and/or plastic grill parts, outside mirrors and rear seats must be removed. Anything else may be removed and car must be clean of junk and loose parts.

2. Rear bottom seat cushions must be removed. Rear seat shell can be removed with sheet metal put in to replace it as additional fire stop.

3. Bumpers must be safety chained or welded to bumper braces. This is mandatory! Bumper shocks may be welded.

4. All doors must be fastened shut by bolts, chains, or welded for safety. Any driver's door coming open during competition will result in immediate disqualification.

5. Gas tank or smaller tank must be mounted in trunk and secured properly as far forward to back seat as possible, subject to inspection.

6. Seat belt and approved shoulder harness required, subject to inspection. Approved helmet will also be required.

7. Driver protection bars are optional and must remain within the driver's area. At no time may they dissect, bisect, or pass through the firewall. No forward or rearward bars may protrude. ALL CARS MUST HAVE AT LEAST SINGLE LOOP ROLL BAR MOUNTED DIRECTLY BEHIND DRIVER'S SEAT FOR WIDTH OF CAR - MAY BE WELDED OR BOLTED IN PLACE. ROLL BAR MUST REMAIN INSIDE OF CAR. Pipe should be minimum of 2" OD. A four point roll cage is recommended but not required. Roll bar installation may not reinforce the body or frame or alter the geometry of the car but must serve only to hold the car off the driver if overturned.

8. Any flat tires or loss of wheels, tires, or bumpers will result in competitor being required to leave race course immediately.

A. Engine must be strictly stock for make and model of car and must be in original mounts. Motors may be chained.
B Suspension must remain stock, no modifying permitted.
C. One carburetor of no more than 4 barrels will be allowed
D. Complete bumper to bumper steel uni-body must be retained. Stock steel unaltered floor pan, firewalls, trunk, trunk floor, and wheel well must be retained. Wheel wells may be altered slightly. No sectioning, channeling, shortening, or cutting will be allowed. No bracing of any kind will be permitted. Hoods may be fastened with wire, chain, cable, or bolted. Hood must remain in place at all times. Frame seams may be welded.
E Radiator must be in original position and of stock size for make and model of car.
F. Battery may be relocated if completely and safely sealed, mounted in battery box, and securely wrapped.
G. One transmission cooler permitted - fans are permitted on coolers but no additional cooling devices allowed, such as ice chest, etc. Electric fuel pumps are allowed and must have power cut off switch within reach of driver. No electric fans permitted unless car was originally produced with one.

Tires must be stock passenger tires only. No truck tires, mud grips, studded tires, or tires that can accept studs. Any passenger tire specifying mud and snow (M&S) is acceptable.
Maximum wheel width will be 7 inches. No shaving of tires allowed.


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