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Mevert & Davenport Win $3,000 Specials at KLMS!!!
(June 14, 2014) Matt Mevert and Tait Davenport were the winners of Saturday night’s twin 35-lap features paying $3,000 first-place prize money at Kentucky Lake Motor Speedway. Mevert, of Steeleville, Illinois, led all the way to claim the UMP Modified feature, while Davenport, of Benton, Kentucky, had to fight side-by-side with Todd Coffman before taking the lead on the 11th lap and going on to claim the Pro (Crate) Late Model victory.

In other feature events on the program, Randy Sellars won the 25-lap Late Model main and Mike Lentz won for the second time this year in Stock Car.

Mevert outdistanced Brian Barber, Hunter Rasden, Chad Kinder and Matt Cooper to win the Modified main in his first visit this year to the KLMS. He took the lead from his outside front-row starting spot and was never seriously challenged. A full field of 30 cars started the race after a 12-lap consolation race decided the last six starting spots.

Mevert, Kinder, Barber and Bryce Jewell won heat races and Todd Riley won the consolation race. Don Brantley and Dustin Rollins escaped injury in a tangle on the front straightaway at the end of the first lap, with Brantley’s car doing two complete barrel rolls. Brantley first made contact with the car driven by Chase Copeland and as he spun, he collected Rollins’ car.

In the Crate feature, Davenport gunned his car from his third-place starting spot underneath the front row pair of Coffman and Chris Shelton. The trio raced three-wide until Coffman assumed a narrow lead, with Davenport beside him. The two drivers battled door-to-door until Davenport dropped in behind Coffman and then shot underneath him in Turn 1 of lap 11. He was in front the next time past the flagstand and held command the rest of the way.

Shelton took second, followed by Coffman, Cameron Brown and Jeff Walston. Brown, Shelton and Davenport were heat race winners.

Sellars led all the way to win over Jarryd Holshouser, with Jimmy Miller third. Austin Rettig, Chris Shelton and Jeffrey Bailey rounded out the six-car field.

Lentz also led all the way, but had to fight off repeated challenges, first from Kassidi Gibbs, then Dale Nelson, then Mike Hodges and Nelson again before taking the checkered flag. Nelson was second, followed by Tya Cunningham, Gibbs and Hodges.

Matt Mevert celebrates with crew

Don Brantley’s No. 5 rolls over with the car of Dustin Rollins underneath

Side-by-side action at KLMS in Crate Late Model division

Side-by-side action at KLMS in Super Late Model division

Side-by-side action at KLMS in Open Wheel Modified division

RESULTS – JUNE 14, 2014

Late Model (25-lap feature): 1. Randy Sellars; 2. Jarryd Holshouser; 3. Jimmy Miller; 4.Austin Rettig; 5. Chris Shelton; 6. Jeffrey Bailey


Modified (35-lap feature): 1. Matt Mevert; 2. Brian Barber; 3. Hunter Rasden; 4. Chad Kinder; 5. Matt Cooper; 6. Lucas Lee; 7. Clayton Miller; 8. Trent Young; 9. Levi Kissinger; 10. Steven Brooks; 11. Bryce Jewell; 12. Will Krup; 13. Everett Bradham; 14. Josh Harris; 15. Zach Fair; 16. Steve Ladd; 17. Todd Miller; 18. Paul Miles; 19. Rocky Wilson; 20. David Esch; 21. Ryan Driemeyer; 22. Todd Hall; 23. Josh Sissom; 24. Larry Anderson; 25. Todd Riley; 26. Dustin Isom; 27. Jeff Elliott; 28. J.R. Mason; 29. Dean Hoffman DNS: Dave Wietholder

Consolation: 1. Todd Riley; 2. Todd Miller; 3. Todd Hall; 4. Everett Bradham; 5. Josh Sissom; 6. Ryan Driemeyer; 7. Chase Copeland; 8.Tony Jackson; 9. Fred Thalman; 10. Miles Thalman; 11. Don Brantley; 12. Dustin Rollins

1st Heat: 1. Bryce Jewell; 2. Trent Young; 3. Zach Fair; 4. Steven Brooks; 5. Lucas Lee; 6. J.R. Mason; 7. Todd Riley; 8. Todd Miller; 9. Everett Bradham; 10. Fred Thalman

2nd Heat: 1. Matt Mevert; 2.Matt Cooper; 3. Levi Kissinger; 4. Hunter Rasden; 5. Josh Harris; 6. Steve Ladd; 7. Don Brantley; 8. Miles Thalman; DNS: Darrell Brewer, Mark Igleheart

3rd Heat: 1. Chad Kinder; 2. Dean Hoffman; 3. Dave Wietholder; 4. Jeff Elliott; 5. Paul Miles; 6. David Esch; 7. Todd Hall; 8. Chase Copeland; 9. Dustin Rollins

4th Heat: 1. Brian Barber; 2. Clayton Miller; 3. Will Krup; 4. Rocky Wilson; 5. Dustin Isom; 6. Larry Anderson; 7. Josh Sissom; 8. Ryan Driemeyer; 9. Tony Jackson


Pro (Crate) Late Model (35-lap feature): 1. Tait Davenport; 2. Chris Shelton; 3. Todd Coffman; 4. Cameron Brown; 5. Jeff Walston; 6. Clayton Miller; 7. Kolby Vandenbergh; 8. Evan Taylor; 9. Brent Lewis; 10. Ricky Waggoner; 11. Kevin Cole; 12. Clay Baumann; 13. Jeremy Sneed; 14. Jeff Patterson; 15. Ronnie Cooper; 16. Austin Flint; 17. Kyle McMahon; 18. Jay Tindal; 19. Keith Richardson; 20. Troy English; 21. Joe Mike; 22. Michael Lee; 23. Kevin Poole; 24. Jeff Glisson; 25. Travis Horner; 26. Adam Ray; 27. Jeff Sloan; 28 .Neal Neisler

1st Heat: 1. Cameron Brown; 2. Ricky Waggoner; 3. Kolby Vandenbergh; 4. Clay Baumann; 5. Jeff Sloan; 6. Jeremy Sneed; 7. Keith Richardson; 8. Kyle McMahon; 9. Michael Lee

2nd Heat: 1. Chris Shelton; 2. Jeff Walston; 3. Troy English; 4. Brent Lewis; 5. Evan Taylor; 6. Kevin Poole; 7. Jeff Patterson;8. Ronnie Cooper; 9. Jay Tindal

3rd Heat: 1. Tait Davenport; 2. Clayton Miller; 3. Kevin Cole; 4. Jeff Glisson; 5. Joe Mike; 6. Adam Ray; 7. Austin Flint; 8. Neal Neisler; 9. Travis Horner


Stock Car (20-lap feature): 1. Mike Lentz; 2. Dale Nelson; 3. Tya Cunningham; 4. Kassidi Gibbs; 5. Mike Hodges; 6. Clay Story; 7. David Cline; 8. Billy Collum; 9. Cody Hodges; 10. Mike Welch; 11. Randy Swift; 12. Lloyd Lingle; 13. Mike Watson; 14. David Matthew; 15. Josh Kee DNS: Robert Phillips, Brent Burnett

1st Heat: 1. Mike Lentz; 2. Dale Nelson; 3. Mike Watson; 4. Clay Story; 5. Cody Hodges; 6. David Cline; 7. Lloyd Lingle; DNS: Robert Phillips, Brent Burnett

2nd Heat: 1. Kassidi Gibbs; 2. Tya Cunningham; 3. Randy Swift; 4. Mike Welch; 5. David Matthew; 6. Billy Collum; 7. Josh Kee; 8. Mike Hodges

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