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Tanner English Gets Win No. 3; Walston Extends Streak!
(May 24, 2014) Tanner English and Jeff Walston added to their victory totals on the young season, two other drivers got personal first victories and Michael Watson won the debut race for four-cylinder Mini Stocks Saturday night at Kentucky Lake Motor Speedway. English led from start to finish to win the 20-lap Late Model feature over Dewayne Kiefer. English’s father, Terry English, was third. It was the third win in five races for English. In Pro (Crate) Late Model action, Walston got his fourth win of the year on the 3/8-mile dirt oval, outdistancing Jeff Glisson and Troy English.

First-time winners included J.R. Mason in Modified and Dale Nelson in Stock Car. Mason took the lead from Steve Ladd on the ninth lap and went on to win over Ladd and Jeff Elliott. Nelson got past pole starter Kassidi Gibbs on the first lap from the outside front-row starting spot and led the rest of the way. Gibbs was second and Mike Lentz third.

In the first races of the evening, the Mini Stocks raced on a new 2/10-mile oval in the infield of the KLMS track. Watson inherited the pole starting spot in the 12-lap feature after a three-car tangle on the first start attempt and led all the way. Kyle Clark was second and Gayle Edwards third.

Jeff Walston on the way to his fourth Crate feature win.

Dale Nelson takes the high side to get past Kassidi Gibbs.

Michael Watson gets the first win for Mini Stocks at KLMS.

Tanner English (96T) and Randy Sellars battle for the lead in the early going.

RESULTS – MAY 24, 2014

Late Model (20-lap feature): 1. Tanner English; 2. Dewayne Kiefer; 3. Terry English; 4. Charles LaPlant; 5. Randy Sellars; 6. Chris Shelton; 7. Robert Lovette; 8. Troy English; 9. Matt Filkins; 10. Chris Winters; 11. Jarryd Holshouser

1st Heat: 1. Tanner English; 2. Dewayne Kiefer; 3. Jarryd Holshouser; 4. Robert Lovette; 5. Troy English; 6.Chris Winters

2nd Heat: 1. Randy Sellars; 2. Terry English; 3. Chris Shelton; 4. Charles LaPlant;5. Matt Filkins


Modified (15-lap feature): 1. J.R. Mason; 2. Steve Ladd; 3. Jeff Elliott; 4. Dustin Rollins; 5. Chris Hall; 6. David Esch; 7. Nicky Jackson; 8. Chase Copeland; 9. Jay Isoml 10. Tony Jackson; 11. Miles Thalman; 12. Fred Thalman

1st Heat: 1. Steve Ladd; 2. J.R. Mason; 3. Dustin Rollins; 4. Chase Copeland; 5. Jay Isom; 6. Tony Jackson

2nd Heat: 1. Jeff Elliott; 2. Chris Hall; 3. David Esch; 4. Miles Thalman; 5. Fred Thalman; 6. Nicky Jackson


Pro (Crate) Late Model (15-lap feature): 1. Jeff Walston; 2. Jeff Glisson; 3. Troy English; 4. Kevin Poole; 5. Evan Taylor; 6. Danny Jolly; 7. Creedence Mott; 8. Austin Flint; 9. Joe Mike; 10. Jay Tindal; 11. Matt Filkins; 12. Grant Gardner; 13. Chase Porter

1st Heat: 1. Jeff Walston; 2. Troy English; 3. Joe Mike; 4. Danny Jolly; 5. Austin Flint; 6. Credence Mott; 7. Chase Porter

2nd Heat: 1. Jeff Glisson;2. Evan Taylor; 3. Kevin Poole; 4. Jay Tindal; 5. Matt Filkins; 6. Grant Gardner


Stock Car (15-lap feature): 1. Dale Nelson; 2. Kassidi Gibbs; 3. Mike Lentz; 4. Tya Cunningham; 5. Mike Watson; 6. Joe Hamm;7. Clay Story; 8. Matthew Rollins; 9. Randy Swift; 10. Mike Welch; 11. Lloyd Lingle

1st Heat: 1. Kassidi Gibbs; 2. Mike Watson; 3. Matthew Rollins; 4. Randy Swift; 5. Mike Welch; 6. Clay Story

2nd Heat: 1. Dale Nelson; 2. Tya Cunningham; 3. Mike Lentz; 4. Joe Hamm; 5. Lloyd Lingle


Mini Stock (12-lap feature): 1. 1. Michael Watson, 2. Kyle Clark; 3. Gayle Edwards; 4. Eli English; 5. Monty Edwards; 6. Michael Patton; 7. Wesley Whited; 8. Kendell Clark

1st Heat: 1. Kendell Clark; 2.Michael Watson; 3.Gayle Edwards; 4. Wesley Whited

2nd Heat: 1. Kyle Clark; 2. Michael Patton; 3. Eli English; 4. Monty Edwards

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