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Matt Cooper Claims Big Modified Payoff at KLMS!
(May 17, 2014) Matt Cooper charged from his outside front-row starting spot and led all the way in the 20-lap UMP Modified feature Saturday night at Kentucky Lake Motor Speedway. He won $1,500, more than twice the usual $700 payoff for the open-wheel main event. He also snapped a three-race win streak by Trent Young, who started on the pole and finished second. Young had won features on May 12, 19 and 26, but skipped the fourth event of the season May 10 at the 3/8-mile dirt oval.

In other races on the program, Terry English won his second Late Model feature of the year at KLMS, Tait Davenport won the Pro (Crate) Late Model event and Mike Lentz won the Stock Car feature.

Matt Cooper Mashes the Gas at Kentucky Lake Motor Speedway

In the Modified main, Cooper and Timmy Hall, who started third behind Young, drew alongside the pole starter at the outset and raced into the top two spots coming off Turn 2. Cooper gradually drew away, maintaining a lead of about two seconds to the finish despite encountering lapped traffic in the final five laps. Bryce Jewell was third, Todd Miller fourth and Paul Miles fifth. Hill was sidelined in a lap 5 tangle with Bryan Barber, and ended up 18th in the 21-car field.

In the Late Model main, English got around pole starter Jason McBride on the second lap and pulled away to the win at his home track. Kevin Cole was third, followed by Jarryd Holshouser and Charles LaPlant.

Davenport also led from start to finish and snapped a three-race winning streak by Jeff Walston, who finished second. Jeff Glisson was third, followed by Troy English and Credence Mott.

Lentz took the lead on the next-to-last lap in a three-way fight with Ryan Humphrey and Robert Phillips, who finished second and third. Phillips led from the pole until lap 11, when Humphrey nosed ahead. The three drivers continued to duel before Lentz pulled away on lap 14. Mike Watson and Michael Hendrickson rounded out the top five.

RESULTS – MAY 17, 2014

Modified (20-lap feature): 1. Matt Cooper; 2. Trent Young; 3. Bryce Jewell; 4. Todd Miller; 5. Paul Miles; 6. Rocky Wilson; 7. Jeff Elliott; 8. Dustin Rollins; 9. Steve Ladd; 10. Darrell Brewer; 11. Jeff Parks; 12. J.R. Mason; 13. Johnathan Eply; 14. David Esch; 15. Donnie Rollins; 16. Jay Isom; 17. Joel Jensen; 18. Timmy Hill; 19. Bryan Barber; 20. Josh Cherry; 21. Chase Copeland

1st Heat: 1. Trent Young; 2. Bryce Jewell; 3. Johnathan Eply; 4. Joel Jensen; 5. Josh Cherry; 6. Jeff Parks; 7. Steve Ladd

2nd Heat: 1. Matt Cooper; 2. Rocky Wilson; 3. Jeff Elliott; 4. Todd Miller; 5. Jay Isom; 6. David Esch; 7. J.R. Mason


Late Model (15-lap feature): 1. Terry English; 2. Jason McBride; 3. Kevin Cole; 4. Jarryd Holshouser, 5. Charles LaPlant; 6. Randy Sellars; 7. Jeffrey Bailey, 8. Chris Shelton; 9. Troy English

1st Heat: 1. Jason McBride; 2. Jarryd Holshouser; 3. Chris Shelton; 4. Jeffrey Bailey; 5. Randy Sellars

2nd Heat: 1. Terry English; 2. Kevin Cole; 3. Charles LaPlant; 4. Troy English


Pro (Crate) Late Model (15-lap feature): 1. Tait Davenport; 2. Jeff Walston; 3. Jeff Glisson; 4. Troy English; 5. Credence Mott; 6. Evan Taylor; 7. Jeff Patterson; 8. Danny Jolly; 9. Brent Lewis; 10. Jeremy Sneed; 11. Austin Flint; 12. Rich Gardner; 13. Matthew Filkins; 14. Chase Porter

1st Heat: 1. Tait Davenport; 2. Jeff Walston; 3. Troy English; 4. Credence Mott; 5. Danny Jolly; 6. Jeremy Sneed; 7. Rich Gardner

2nd Heat: 1. Jeff Glisson; 2. Evan Taylor; 3. Brent Lewis; 4. Matthew Filkins; 5. Jeff Patterson; 6. Austin Flint; 7. Chase Porter


Stock Car (15-lap feature): 1. Mike Lentz; 2. Ryan Humphrey; 3. Robert Phillips; 4. Mike Watson; 5. Michael Hendrickson; 6. Matthew Rollins; 7. Tya Cunningham; 8. Randy Swift; 9. Brent Burnett; 10. Kassidi Gibbs

1st Heat: 1. Robert Phillips; 2. Mike Lentz; 3. Matthew Rollins; Tya Cunningham; 5. Randy Swift

2nd Heat: 1. Kassidi Gibbs; 2. Ryan Humphrey; 3. Michael Hendrickson; 4. Brent Burnett; 5. Mike Watson

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