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2nd Win for Tanner English; Walston Strings Third Crate Win in a Row!
(May 10, 2014) Tanner English and Kevin Cole waged a furious side-by-side battle for nine laps before Cole’s car faded and English went on to victory in the UMP Late Model feature Saturday night at Kentucky Lake Motor Speedway. It was the second win of the season at his hometown track for English, of Benton, Ky. Charles LaPlant of East Prairie, Mo., was second, Randy Sellars of Mayfield, Ky., third and Terry English of Benton, Ky., fourth. Only the top four cars were running at the finish, out of a slender starting field of six. Cole, of Benton, Ill., was fifth.

Kevin Cole (3) and Tanner English (96) battle for the lead in Saturday night’s race.

In the Modified feature, Rod Reed of Mayfield, Ky., survived a race-long battle for the lead and a crossover attempt by Steve Ladd that carried Ladd halfway past the leader at the finish line. Dustin Isom of Hopkinsville, Ky., was third. Trent Young of Hopkinsville, who had won all three previous Modified features since the track re-opened on April 12, did not compete.

In the Pro (Crate) Late Model main, Jeff Walston who his third race in a row. Walston finished in front of Jeff Glisson. The two Paducah, Ky., drivers finished 1-2 in the Aug. 26 Bluegrass Nationals feature.

J.R. Baize of Central City, Ky., made his first appearance at KLMS and won the Stock Car main event over Robert Phillips of Clarksville, Tenn. Mike Lentz of Herrin, Ill., was third.

RESULTS – MAY 10, 2014

UMP LATE MODEL (15-lap feature): 1. Tanner English. 2. Charles LaPlant; 3. Randy Sellars.; 4. Terry English.; 5. Kevin Cole; 6. Jeffrey Bailey


UMP MODIFIED (15-lap feature): 1. Rod Reed; 2. Steve Ladd; 3. Dustin Isom; 4. Jeff Elliott; 5. J.R. Mason; 6. Darrell Brewer; 7. Corey Kellems; 8. Dustin Rollins; 9. Chase Copeland; 10. Mark Ingleheart; 11. Tony Jackson; 12. Darrell Hay

1st HEAT: 1. J.R. Mason; 2. Dustin Isom; 3. Corey Kellums; 4. Darrell Hay; 5. Chase Copeland; 6. Mark Ingleheart

2nd HEAT: 1. Jeff Elliott; 2. Rod Reed; 3. Darrell Brewer; 4. Steve Ladd; 5. Dustin Rollins; 6. Tony Jackson


UMP PRO (CRATE) LATE MODEL (15-lap feature): 1. Jeff Walston; 2. Jeff Glisson; 3. Evan Taylor; 4. Troy English; 5. Cameron Brown; 6. Danny Jolly; 7. Credence Mott; 8. Jeff Patterson; 9. Matthew Filkins; 10. Joe Mike; 11. Kevin Poole; 12. Kyle McMahon; 13. Angela Cummins; 14. Jay Tindal

1st HEAT: 1. Jeff Walston; 2. Evan Taylor; 3. Credence Mott; 4. Cameron Brown; 5. Jeff Patterson; 6. Matthew Filkins; 7. Joe Mike

2nd HEAT: 1. Jeff Glisson; 2. Troy English; 3. Jay Tindal; 4. Kevin Poole; 5. Kyle McMahon; 6. Danny Jolly; 7. Angela Cummins


UMP STOCK CAR (10-lap feature): 1. J.R. Baize; 2. Robert Phillips; 3. Mike Lentz; 4. Ryan Humphrey; 5. Kassidi Gibbs; 6. Tya Cunningham; 7. Keaton Downing; 8. Joseph Hamm; 9. Matthew Rollins; 10. Mike Hodges; 11. Mike Welch; 12. Paul Humphrey; 13. Randy Swift; 14. Phillip Byard; 15. Cody Hodges

1st HEAT: 1. Robert Phillips; 2. Ryan Humphrey; 3. Paul Humphrey; 4. Tya Cunningham; 5. Mike Welch; 6. Matthew Rollins; 7. Mike Hodges; 8. Phillip Byard

2nd HEAT: 1. J.R. Baize; 2. Kassidi Gibbs; 3. Mike Lentz; 4. Joseph Hamm; 5. Keaton Downing; 6. Cody Hodges; 7. Randy Swift

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